Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and Ethereum have dramatically increased in value, with even a single Bitcoin now in the double figures. Since these virtual currencies have become so valuable, owners must ensure they have access to all of the coins they own especially now that there are tons of Scams out there.

The latest news on hackers and cyber criminals show that no one is protected from their interventions. Already there were several cases of exchanges hacks. For example, in January 2018 cryptocurrency exchange service Coincheck was hacked and approximately 500 million NEM tokens were removed from exchange, amounting about $385 million stolen.

Thanks to the newly developed de-anonymization algorithm tool by Imperva Inc analytics firm, law enforcement agencies can now investigate players in the crypto economy. Even non-technical agents and analysts can use these powerful de-anonymization tools to easily identify and trace criminals who attempt to use any of more than 800 cryptocurrencies — including Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum and Litecoin — on the internet to conceal their illicit activities. This de-anonymization through confidential KYC process capability spans more than 87% of global virtual assets.

The main function of the RV-64 Software Interface is to restore wrong transactions with the proper Hash ID and transaction details.

Depending on how familiar you are with the crypto space worldwide or any other platform on the internet as a matter of a fact, you will agree with me that you probably would have heard, read or stumbled once on a “new crypto enthusiast” vent on how they have been taken advantage of or how they lost their digital currencies whilst still getting acquainted with the crypto currency world. Well I won’t say this is in any way a good reputation for the crypto space, definitely cause of the decentralized nature of crypto currencies as a whole, there is no specific body set up to regulate and tackle this phenomenon, cause actually the decentralization of the crypto currency it’s the actual edge and main advantage it has over other currencies(fiat) since the inception. Regardless a problem as such can’t exist for too long without being noticed, that is why in collaboration with Top Digital Currency experts and Imperva Inc, a cybersecurity company, we have come up with a solution! REVIVE!

API(Application Programming Interface) software designed for the restoration.

Imperva, a California based Cybersecurity firm is engaged in Web Application security, Data Security, Threat Intelligence and Application delivery. The company’s Incapsula, SecureSphere, and CounterBreach product lines help organizations protect websites, applications, APIs, and databases from cyberattacks while ensuring compliance, providing with effective and enduring solutions to protect the customers from cybercriminals. Imperva, like other vendors, uses a multi-tier approach to blocking DDoS traffic. Imperva Incapsula filters traffic through a web application firewall, a DDoS rules engine, and a series of progressive challenges.

The virtual AI lunched by Imperva with a board that consists crypto experts such as Vitalik Butherin (co-founder of Ethereum) in the board of advisors is called REVIVE or RV-64 whose main goal and problem solving function is Cyber Crypto Security (CCS). It is a simple interface program that enables the user to enter the partial information for Base-58 or Base-16 private keys. It then recovers the entire key thereby giving you access to your lost or stolen virtual coins using partial key data. The program simplifies a painstaking and frustrating process when wallet data has become damaged, corrupted/compromised or when you lose your virtual coin to an online scam, theft of any sort be it Binary Scams, Flip your coins or Investment scams.

How it works

Imperva Inc is the world’s first blockchain forensics team in Bitcoin, eCrime, and Payment Experts Collaborate to Fight Crypto Crime.

Our mission is to create a safer blockchain economy by being at the forefront of innovation in crypto AML/KYC compliance and analytics. Imperva Inc’s industry-leading risk management helps cryptocurrencies and blockchain protocols scale sustainably. Additionally, Protecting financial institutions from virtual asset laundering risks and crypto-related threats making it safe for users and trusted by government.

Furthermore, Imperva Inc advance algorithm enables active attribution apply advanced big data analytics — which leverages proprietary clustering algorithms — to cluster data points within the expansive attribution data lake. The result is a broad, cataloged, high-resolution view of the cryptocurrency transaction landscape.

Our recovery process is as simple as ABC :

  1. An assessment of the problems preventing access to your coins:

Our team will work closely with you to identify the obstacles making access your bitcoin or other cryptocurrency difficult. This could include forgotten passwords; Monitoring investment scams & fraudulent ICOs; Stolen cryptocurrencies tracing; Forks in the blockchain or transfers that never arrived to a recipient are also common problems.

2. A determination of the likelihood of recovery and forensic evaluation process

The specific nature of your problem accessing your cryptocurrency will determine the likelihood of recovering your coins. Our experts will also request for certain information regards recovery case evaluation.

3. Recovery efforts

When a plan is in place and the proper steps have been taken to safeguard your bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, a recovery effort will be made. Our team is comprised of blockchain experts with unparalleled computer skills. We have created a reversal algorithm software — ISO-5 RCI- which is proprietary multi-threaded program which leverages proprietary clustering algorithms — to cluster data points within the expansive attribution data lake to recover lost tokens, we also make use of other proprietary tools to address software and hardware problems to take steps to access virtual wallets.

4. Return of your cryptocurrency

When the recovery effort is a success, your cryptocurrency will be returned to you. We decrypt bitcoin wallets, litecoin wallets, ethereum wallets, and altcoin wallets, among our many services. When the computer experts have done their job, our complex algorithm ensures the money is returned back to your originating wallets so you’ll have full access to your valuable investment going forward.



5k — 20k {GRADE 1, RV-64 RVL}

21k — 50k {GRADE 2, RV-64 RVL}

51k — 500k {GRADE 3, RV-64 RVL}

501k -1m {GRADE 4, RV-64 RVL}

NOTE; If Your RV-64 Complaints Fall into the Above Category



or use the link below



Due to the nature of the automated email algorithm Used by the Imperva Defense security set up, ensure you use your project category as your email subject

Ex. {GRADE1, RV-64 RVL}



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